Mono Diet or Kalp Chikitsa is helpful to treat digestive disorders

Eating one type of food in single meal is known as Monodiet system of eating.There are many references of MonoDiet system in Ayurveda which is traditional Indian system of healthcare. Monodiet system of eating is known as Kalp Chikitsa in Ayurveda. Only one type of food is taken in single meal or throughout day or some times for many days. Kalp chikitsa or monodiet system of eating is a part of therapeutic practice for treatment of many kind of ailments in Naturopathy. Type of food chosen for monodiet depends upon the kind of ailment to be treated. Monodiet system of eating is specially helpful for treating diseases of digestive system.

Digestion is the activity for which lot of vital energy is required. Eating many kind of foods in single meal put lot of stress on our digestive system.Body need to produce different kind of digestive juices for digestion of different kind of foods. Transit time for different foods is different in our digestive tract. Eating many types of food in single meal confuses our digestive system. This may lead to poor digestion and assimilation of food.

Monodiet system is helpful for those suffering from digestive disorders. Matha Kalp or buttermilk only diet is highly beneficial for treatment of chronic colitis. Monodiet provides rest to digestive system. Monodiet can effectively treat obesity. Famous monodiet or kalp chikitsa mentioned in ayurveda are mango kalp, grapes kalp ,orange kalp and milk kalp. Many people think eating one kind of food in all meals could lead to nutritional deficiency but it is  myth. Most of the animals eat only one kind of food throughout their life and remain fit and healthy.

Monodiet system should be adopted under the guidance of competent Naturopath.

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